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“You might be able to find separate services and agencies to handle media and web, marketing and business development, plus integrate the entire technical scope of your business infrastructure and delivery systems at the same time. If you want that type of cohesiveness and vision, you need Bellasys.”

Focus on the positive

You will be contracting a dedicated specialist who places your business at the top of the queue.

This one executive consultant can help you determine the best choices in technology regardless of which aspect is being sought after. There are too many areas covered to list these on a case-by-case basis.

It’s easier to focus on a single specific item instead of dealing with a million “what-ifs.” Just inquire if I can meet your needs expertly, efficiently, and provide unique opportunities that you may not have realized were possible.

Responsive = Success

When your business uses online marketing and social media as part of its model, perhaps you already understand responsive.

Responsive is the ability for technical systems in your organization to deliver across multiple platforms utilizing the same foundation.

Many components of the systems I develop and craft into a single cohesive system- an integrated system- work to achieve similar results. It would even be helpful to think of me personally in this regard- I fulfill many different roles and I specialize to achieve a focused result that stems from a foundation of experience that is equal parts broad and deep.

What works for one small business model doesn’t necessarily work for another; this is where my services provide an effective, reliable and progressive means to consolidate many highly specialized needs, and customize them under one cohesive plan to move the needle in the direction it needs to go.

If you are part of an agency, perhaps you’d like to create better workflow or develop traction in new markets. Your ability to execute valuable strategies starts with the very first consultation- bring all the key players and watch a plan of action unfold right before your eyes. This creates a buzz and inspiration follows. People respond to direction and teamwork kicks in… the rest is gravy.

If you’re an entrepreneur running a lean machine, perhaps you’d like to develop new technology, streamline your communications and downsize your liabilities. I have never failed to provide outstanding value and truly innovative strategies that make sense on the bottom line.


Integration vs. Specialization

Typically the problem with specialization occurs as it grows and collects more working parts. Having more working parts introduces more complexity, and complexity is the killer of specialization, and begins eroding the reason it excels to begin with. Firstly, complexity introduces multiple points of failure within a Specialized (read: Modular) system.

Apps are all the rage- a specialized system at its finest.

Another way of saying that is that Modular or specialized technology peaks at the scale of an App. What if your business is bigger than that?

Going too specialized, like App‑ifying your business will cut your responsiveness, hinder your agility, and ultimately drag your timeline and productivity as a whole- as well as increase the overhead and connections required to manage it all…

Big-business entities in the 80’s and 90’s were built on yesterday’s idea of Integrated Systems. These monolithic beasts were specialized systems in their own way whose architectures harkened back to the mainframe- when the mainframe was the kind that took up an entire room at IBM. The Internet cut its teeth on these systems.

Now these same big business players are scrambling their resources towards Integrations because specialized business systems have proven to be completely unsustainable in today’s advanced technological world.

Many well known corporations downsized or folded because they couldn’t innovate quickly enough- the main problem was that the path toward change seemed risky. Many Small Businesses either did not know how to change, or how to trust those that offered to implement the change. This is still not easy to calculate risk vs. reward, and this is why specific targets are essential to identify and commit.

You can work with someone who will help you create a single effective plan of action taking short-term goals and long-term needs into account. Execute the plans in-house- or get the consultant to roll up his sleeves and work in the trenches right along with you.

Either way you will be working with one person who specializes in the integration of your business systems and marketing online. Someone who understands not only where technology began, but where it is going and how to calibrate it for speed.

Integrated Systems for your Business?

Integrated Systems will revolutionize your workflow and redefine what you can achieve in a day.

You can construct entire sales funnels in an afternoon, branded, juiced up and ready to go.

You get to use WordPress as the front-end for much more complex and robust online business systems, and because you know and understand WordPress the administration of your business remains intuitive, and centrally located.

Your virtual assistants believe they have a dream job because their workflow is painless, and these systems make them look like production superstars.


Get a handle on it

Now you can just take advantage of the administrative tools we provide, OR you can have the whole package. You can have the creator of the system as your Executive Consultant!

Build or transition your system based on Integrated Intelligence™. What is that like?

This means launching your products and services from a sustainable platform- developing with one that saves maintenance costs, is responsive, and retains agility in the marketplace for a decade or more.

The computer industry has come full circle since 2004, and now the atmosphere looks a lot like the way systems operated in the 60’s and 70’s.

Except now everything from the hardware to the way the software is being built has revolutionized at least twice. Now it is a set of highly specialized components that must somehow all operate together in spite of using different platforms and modes of operation- and it’s all pretty clumsy.

Systems Integration will remain focal for the next 10 years


Companies with progressive technical awareness are those investing in the Integration pattern, and literally all Big Business companies are repeating the words “Integration” and “Integrative” because the Modular way of doing things has failed due to lack of sustainability.

Think of the benefits of “user friendly” websites, and then extend that thought to your entire business and the way it works. Your customers win, and you win.

  • Is your system simple enough that any reasonable person could operate it?
  • Do your people talk about how easy it is to use the computer in their workplace?
  • Is the software they use considered a good thing?

Usability (UX) is a big buzzword that requires expert care and vision to execute. But it pays. Your client experiences the type of environment that encourages them to buy or get involved in your product and services. The annoyance of technology dissolves into the background when system is sleek, minimal, and yet commands attention when it needs.

Similarly, workflow is what enables the best productivity in your organization. Treating your employees internal systems with efficient interfaces and designs improves their quality of life and productivity. This means more loyalty, happier people, and everyone wins in a big way.

Imagine the same software that facilitates your best relationships with your clients being applied to the productivity and relationships you have with your company leaders and their employees? How do expectations shift in that case?

This is more than just possible. It’s already working. With better usability you get better productivity, less maintenance, more satisfaction, and far fewer headaches. This is the real edge you are gaining bringing me on board. I’ve already built it, and I can turn it on for you too.

Allow me to help you understand specifically what benefits your organization can achieve, and show you what that looks like.


Pass Go and Collect $200

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Use the form to explain what your goals are, where you need help, and what your dreams are. Go for it!