1-Click Login help

1-Click Login help

Authorizing a new device or browser is expected through the form below.
  1. Request a new Login Key:

    Enter the email associated with your account


Manage your Login/Logout state with 1-Click or Tap of a button after enabling Login on your browser.

It’s not Magic, it’s MiCASA™

This system is doing more than just securely transmitting a Password on demand. The service automates the 2-Factor Authentication process and establishes security protocols that are beyond ordinary. It relies on a model that serves a completely different class of architecture, not because that makes it great, but because great services and infrastructures need to be built on trustworthy platforms- something sustainable that will endure the test of time and remain flexible.


Instead of making this all more complex, MiCASA takes passwords out of your hands, and instead models a new way of lass of interaction between you and this business that ensures your privacy, and allows strust to be built from a place in which power is equal at the outset.

This is not an ordinary system and we do not makes it simple to Login and Logout of this site- just 1-Click. and this streamlines access to your account by


Here is what you do:

1. To authorize new devices or browsers, Request a new Login Key from that device or browser.

2. Click or Tap the Login Key link from your Email and return to this site automatically Logged in.

3. Future trips to the site *should remember you without Email authentication, just click the “Login” button.


That’s MiCASA™ in a nutshell.


Login Keys are valid for just 24 hours. If expired, or if the 1-Click Login button is not present, simply request a new Login Key.

In case of any issue, such as being delivered to this page when clicking a Login Key, click the Login Key a second time. This has proven to resolve 99.9% of fringe issues with Login.

Please inform us of any issue with Login beyond the scope of this page. Forward the Email containing your most recent Login Key if possible, or send a screenshot if it shows the issue.


For more information about this revolutionary new Identity Service, please visit MiCASA.io