Legalese- Non-disclosure Non-compete Non-circumvention Agreements

Legalese- Non-disclosure Non-compete Non-circumvention Agreements


  1. Bellasys and absolutely and unconditionally asserts perfect confidence in communications which occur between any agency of Your Company (The Client, The Company) and any officially sanctioned agent of ours, including, but not limited to communications originating from the Consultant (Max Bellasys or another official agent of, and/or Bellasys Consulting Group) to the Client’s email ( OR those emails originating from The Company’s email to the Consultant’s email without exclusion; communications originating from an authorized representative of the Client (You) via ordinary telecommunications or Skype® OR vice-versa when communications originate from the Consultant to the Client, and furthermore extending to The Company’s representatives when this is at least verbally established prior to any such modes of communications that would require confidentiality.
  2. Every communication which is understood to be enacted between The Consultant and The Company as pertaining to business shall be officially treated as if Non-disclosure applies unless express consent is achieved on behalf of The Company from a valid and authorized representative of The Company, including those communications which happen to occur outside officially sanctioned modes of communication, such as Personal Cellular Phone, VOIP, Skype®, Personal Email, Business Telephones from Neutrally located sources (such as Pay Telephones, Hotel Phones or other service oriented sources).
  3. Bellasys will conduct all communications whether business or personal in nature in good faith with regard to a general Non-disclosure policy.


Letter of General Non-Disclosure Agreement:

(requires confirmation of opt-in to finalize terms and conditions of agreement, and create a binding legal agreement between our companies. By providing your Name and Email address below, you are neither concluding Opt-in permissions, nor finalizing your acceptance on behalf of your Company or yourself. The following Sign Up form only permits the Agreement to be presented for acceptance by your Company, upon which an electronic signature via our own email link will be required to complete before it becomes binding- although this process is completely automated, it is contingent upon at least 2 significant pre-conditions before being accepted and considered de facto according to the Laws of Washington State, the Laws of the State or U.S. Territory The Company is registered in, or according to the International Laws of the United States in general when The Company is not registered in this country:

  • you are certifying your unequivocal ability to enter into a Non-disclosure Agreement on behalf of the company represented either within the “Name” field below and/or within the TLD (Top Level Domain) portion of the “Email” field below, and that this authority exists prior to the request, even if it does not exist at the time of the completion of the request, considering any occasion for subsequent acceptance, or undue delay in acceptance.
  • the legal entity requesting this Non-disclosure Agreement appears in its entirety, irrespective of spaces, hyphens or any other superfluous punctuation unless such modifications conflict with the absolute laws or by-laws of The Company; and this legal entity name must be contained entirely within one of the form fields below, specifically within either the “Name” or “Email” input fields corresponding below.