Integrated Intelligence™

Integrated Intelligence™

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have continued to drive the imaginations of everyone from gadget lovers to hardcore technologists. For at least 2 generations AI has spiked into science fiction, literature, and Corporate Business Intelligence.

Then why is Artificial Intelligence still limited to the imaginings of movie producers? Why is it always “out there” somewhere in the realm of possibility rather than actual, practical, and real.

Is there some conspiracy that hasn’t been discovered yet keeping the results of this magical science away from the public?

What is Integrated Intelligence™

To answer this question and arrive at an understanding of what really is possible today, there is a context that must be established. Consider how philosopher Alan Watts concludes his 1962 essay “Art with a Capital A”:

“The wheel extends the foot. Brush, chisel, hammer, saw extend the hand. But electronic circuitry extends the brain itself as an externalization of the central nervous system, and will therefore perform wonders of art (that is, of playful patterns of energy) which have not heretofore been seen.”

The problem that must be solved today is not the increase of machine intelligence, because machine intelligence depends upon the successful externalization of human intelligence. In my estimation, the precise problem that exists is the insistence that human intelligence resides solely in the brain, that the intellect and the capacity for abstract reasoning is its sole measure. This discounts 90% of the available capacity of the brain, as well as severs the capacity for holistic intelligence of the entire organism.

please observe a moment of silence and allow those thoughts to sink in…

Progressively speaking, the existence of machines whether intelligent or not must be given to enhance the human experience and allow us to relate better as people.

The obsession with technology is important because it heralds a communications era unlike any that has existed on the planet in the most recent 25,000 years. Yet the best aim for technology is to achieve a natural place within the experience of life. Currently technology exists as a lodestone, a ball and chain that includes the disruptive and parasitic expression of business agenda. We experience technology today as a casualty of war- a business war.

“The problem that must be solved today is not the increase of machine intelligence… [it] is to more fully understand human intelligence and how that understanding is formed in the human mind- AI will always shadow this understanding by at least 1 order of magnitude.”

Let me temper the last statement to say that there are great things possible from within this current experience, and “business agenda” is not the enemy. Sound business and trade is one of the most important parts of life. However, the expression of it currently must change to be better supportive of life, and less combatant.

Integrated Intelligence™ Serves You

Ultimately technology needs to disappear into the background and become less focal. Before technology can excel in the way it serves actual human needs, it needs to be conceived in ways that support actual human needs from a more holistic standpoint, and this view needs to encompass greater intelligence than the type found in the brain.

Integrated Intelligence™ is the mode of creation I express when developing products, services, hardware, and software for my clients.

The Applications I create are different because they arise from the stillness- the emptiness from which the spark of life expresses itself in new ways. This is creation in the purest sense and it depends on my having an experience of your operating environment, hearing your goals, your dreams even. The result of this is rendered in a technical medium, and this may include both new infrastructure and new delivery systems or marketing campaigns. Yet they always exist as tangible means to express your ultimate goal- your greatest aims.

When I focus my intent to deliver products and services aimed to enhance operations within your company, it is because I have learned how to express from that place where worlds and species are made.

I will apologize if that sounds conceited. I just don’t have any other way to explain how I create both art and science, how I have produced successful and time sensitive applications in commercial environments relying on technologies and tools I have never used before, and how I have created revolutionary architectures which are really just the beginning of my capabilities. In my world there are technologies which don’t exist yet and I get frustrated by the limitations of the tools and the materials available to create. So my work is about finding tangible and commercially viable steps to create as much of that world as possible.

Perhaps in a future world that part about “commercially viable” won’t be the focus, but in this world it is.

I specialize in the Creation and Innovation of people-centric technology. I can think of nothing more intelligent than to use every faculty I possess toward the betterment of our experience here on earth.

A Word About Creativity and Intelligence

Intelligence is best understood to be the spontaneous awareness of natural order in a way relative and conducive to solving a real human need- solving a problem, identifying new possibilities, materializing innovations where nothing existed before. Intelligence is the result of a creative process that is not separate from life- it is an extension of it.

This means AI will only become real when it has the power to create. The real test of AI is not whether it can fool a human counterpart into believing it is a real human when engaged in a text dialog. The real test of AI is when it can make someone fall in love with it when they still know it’s a machine.

The definition must be qualified better than that, or else Steve Jobs can be credited with having created the world’s most successful AI by virtue of the Mac.

All humor aside, examining the relationship between Intelligence and Creativity is key to creating significant AI.

The part of the statement “spontaneous awareness of natural order…” is important because the nature of creation is observable that something spontaneously arises from nothing- or apparently so.

Artists, Scientists, Spiritualists and Meditators, Philosophers and Great Thinkers- and most notably Children- all commonly experience creation as something arising from nothing. From the silence and stillness a new form arises.

Quantum mechanics points to the nature of Evolution as a spontaneous and nearly instant leap whereby one mode of Evolution- incremental adjustments and adaptions experienced over millenia- suddenly skips into a completely new configuration and either new worlds or new species come into being.

It will be this way in the realm of Machine Learning and AI. While incremental steps in hardware and software have been driven by a business model, and a natural progression following human interest, there will be a time when the environment within the computer industry will allow for a Evolutionary leap in hardware systems and the necessary components to allow creative machines to exist. From that new platform true AI will emerge as a set of self-aware processes that will still need to learn how to survive in the harsh technological world just as we did.

At that time I will be there to help guide these fledgeling systems, and help them survive to grow into strong AI capable of serving great people with great needs.