Get Started with Bellasys Consulting

Get Started with Bellasys Consulting

It is important to establish clear communication to uphold our interests and maintain an efficient and productive working relationship. Please establish a primary business contact or liaison within your organization whose availability generally matches your request for mine.
Executive Consulting Standard Contract Terms:

  • Minimum Contract Term: 1 month
  • Standard Contract Term: 2 – 6 months (renewable)
  • Maximum Weekly Commitment: 20 hours per Calendar week
  • Generally unrestricted scheduling between 10am and 4pm Pacific Time Zone, USA
  • Flexible “on demand” scheduling with Nights/Sundays/Holidays when pre-arranged
  • Invoicing: detailed “minutes” provided on Technical and Troubleshooting assignments
  • Reports: A weekly status/progress/productivity report is included
  • Payments by arrangement
  • Retainer required (sliding scale) prior to start of contract term
  • Payments accepted:
    1. Company Cheque
    2. @PayPal +3%
    3. @Visa/MC/DSC/AMEX/JCB/BCN +2%
  • Bellasys carries $1M in per-incident business insurance. This has never been used 😉



Bellasys offers limited on-site consultations on a per-project basis available for existing clients as well as others.

Limited consultations are available even when the client schedule listed on this website is full, subject to the following conditions

  • consultations of 1 or 2 hour sessions do not require special arrangements
  • requests for consultations will be accepted and heard but may not be granted due to standard non-compete/non-circumvention agreements and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, judged by relevance.
  • consultations granted about topics shared by competing firms may be subject to nominal disclosure if contractually required*

If these terms are met and consultation is desired, the following rates apply to assist with budget forecasting:

On-Site Consultations:

  • Travel Expenses + 20% per diem fees paid in advance, non-refundable
  • $2400 per diem available in ½ day increments (balance paid upon conclusion) 
  • Consultations limited to 3 Calendar days on location**

Skype, Phone or Email Consultations:

  • Developer Rate: $150/hr. 
    This applies to actual work: design and development, systems integration, or the hands-on build of technological architectures as an applications developer.
  • Consultation Rate: $300/hr.
    This applies to all technology- Hardware and Software Systems from Micro to Enterprise Systems, Systems Architectures/Integrations, Automation and Workflow Mangement, Teaching/Training, Troubleshooting and more. Consultations include written roadmaps/blueprints as a key deliverable. Actual hands-on systems integrations are separate. Please note that “Technical Consultations” which follow a market-driven focus are classified as Marketing Consultations; please see below.
  • Business Development: $500/hr.
    This covers all strategic deliverables, including business applications aimed at qualitative/quantitative gains in market perception, market position, or market share and their delivery systems including automation and strategies for sales and advertising. Consultations include written roadmaps/blueprints as a key deliverable.

*Not generally required unless nature of consultation requires this, and this will be disclosed before the consultation begins respective of both parties.

**Multiple on-site consultations are possible. Potential time restrictions may yet occur during on-site consultations, and these conditions include but may not be limited to prior appointments; on call work per priority clients; and extenuating circumstances addressing any unforeseen family needs or personal circumstances.

Please read full legal terms and conditions here regarding Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition if this is important to you.

Bellasys seeks to engage in the highest business ethic and provide clients with equal opportunity, and also personal assurances of Confidentiality and Solidarity surpassing any that legal language can assert.