Deploying and Monetizing Online Marketing Strategies

Deploying and Monetizing Online Marketing Strategies


the process of engagement whereby the company name, image, products and services become an indispensable part of your clients’ lives.

Marketing as we deliver it identifies and qualifies the wants and needs of your client while building, maintaining, and sustaining your existing relationship.

We translate your plain directives to commercial campaigns that demonstrate the value of your products and services. We target those who actually desire to see them, to use them, to benefit from them, and to learn more about why they should follow your plan.

Developing an Inspired Relationship

Each person will be engaged with successive steps until the peak experience is reached. Additionally, each person will be able to share the greatness of their experience in connection with others. From the simple act of sharing to becoming an influencer and inspiring others, we allow people to engage your company in ways they expect.

Loyal clients and devoted fans are important to qualify. These are persons who have received your expected plan and responded to it. They are fulfilled because you followed through on the expectations you set. As a reward they play an integral role in the growth of your organization.

Each client is a stockholder, in essence, and this is true whether they want to be massively involved, or just sit back and acquire your latest offering. We promote treating such people to actual rewards in the real world- yet understanding what each person wants as a reward can be interesting research.

Making assumptions leads to waste of your most precious resources. Therefore it is important to connect with your clients with the idea of understanding.

Your clients thrive utilizing our systems

In our book Marketing encompasses the overall lifecycle of your client rather than just the lifecycle of a product.

This part requires a human touch, and yet it is carefully executed often relying on automation to carry out the strategy. Automation is key to providing reporting, and to assist real humans in making educated decisions.

Put in another way, this is why “Big Data” is important to corporations. It identifies major trends and social movements sometimes before people are fully aware of it themselves.

We can put that intelligence to work for you using intelligent systems at scale for small business. Automation is significant in this process, and it remains practically the only way to succeed in today’s marketplace whether you are flying solo or surrounded by several teams of employees.

The Lifecycle of your client is NOT about you!

Your clients’ needs evolve- and so do your services- offer them what’s now as well as what’s next.

Marketing the way we approach it is a concept that begins long before the first sale. It will devote numerous resources to inform a business about the needs, wants and wishes of a client before considering a specific sale or promotion at all.

In brief, this means Marketing is more concerned with identifying and understanding qualities about a person’s experience rather than the being limited to the act of converting or achieving a sale.

Make it work for you

There is a simple formula to steer clear of hype and instead promote enthusiasm.

This formula looks like the 1:1 relationship between you and your client. We’re looking for the real you, the authentic message your brand provides.

It is your willingness to communicate which makes this happen.

Getting Started

Our goal is to provide tangible results based on your business profile, delivering innovative strategies that work in today’s global and tech-centric marketplace. All discussions are strictly confidential, and we provide a fully comprehensive NDA before meeting with you.

We demonstrate targeted gains and measurable results

That’s all.

But if you’re hungry to know our secret sauce, we’ll tell you what we told several attorneys in San Francisco back in 2007.

1) Magic bullets don’t exist. Silver bullets exist, but they only work if your clients are vampires.

2) Let us help you strategize and execute your Marketing plans. You can be successful without us, but you’ll gain far more on the bottom line with us.