Deploying and Monetizing Online Marketing Strategies

Deploying and Monetizing Online Marketing Strategies

There are 2 primary schools of thought about what Marketing actually is.

This is not an essay, it is a workspace, and so Marketing will be defined here briefly so that you can understand Bellasys’ approach. It represents the backbone of each work product before it ever crosses your desk.


the process of engagement whereby the company name, image, products and services become an indispensible part of your clients’ lives.

Through its processes and different mediums Marketing identifies and qualifies the needs and wants of the client while building, maintaining, and sustaining the existing relationship.

The intended result of our Marketing Strategy allows you to deliver information, products and services most relevant to each person. Developing an intimate awareness of each person is desired so that you may conduct the best relationship possible, including how and when to communicate as well as what to communicate and how you seek to interact and otherwise engage each person.

The Marketing Mission:

The way we conduct Marketing is intent upon developing an inspired relationship- one that allows both client and company to thrive in ways that are individually meaningful- each person will be engaged with successive steps until the peak experience is reached.

Each person will be able to share the greatness of their experience in connection with others from the simple act of sharing online through social media channels important to each person, through opportunities to lead and become a source of promotion in and of themselves. Loyal clients and devoted fans are important to qualify, reward and support as they may play an integral role in the growth of your organization.

Marketing vs. Advertising

The key difference between (1) Marketing and (2) Sales & Advertising is that Marketing encompasses a long term scope throughout the lifecycle of the customer or customer base, and remains people-centric.

By contrast, Sales and Advertising are specifically related to the lifecycle of Brands, Information, Products, and Services from purchase and delivery to at most follow-up promotions and upgrades.

Marketing begins long before the first sale and may devote numerous resources to inform a business about the needs, wants and wishes of a client without considering a specific sale or promotion at all.

In brief, this means Marketing is more concerned with identifying and understanding qualities about a person’s experience rather than the act of converting or achieving a sale; and this remains true even though sometimes marketing interactions are delivered simultaneously with Sales and Promotions.

Marketing seeks the answers to questions such as how a company is perceived, whether or how much trust exists between it and the client(s), and what kind of experience the client has when engaged with the company, one of its affiliations, or particularly the brands products, services and information that it provides and represents.

Make it work for you

There is a simple formula to steer clear of hype and instead promote enthusiasm. We’re looking for the real you, and that depends on your willingness to communicate with us.

Consult with us to provide an authentic outline of your style and your existing services. Share with us your goals and ambitions, and tell us what you’re doing it all for. What’s your passion? What keeps you awake at night? What is your big picture? Take a risk: tell us your biggest (perceived) failures before you tell us your biggest successes.

We will be able to provide tangible results based on your profile, delivering innovative strategies that work in today’s global and tech-centric marketplace.

No cookie cutter schemes or yesterday’s backwash. We deliver based on your best opportunities, and we cover the bases with multi-pronged campaigns within your budget to demonstrate targeted gains and measurable results.