Consulting for Business Infrastructure

Consulting for Business Infrastructure

The foundation of Bellasys’ Consulting is the Integration model.

The Systems Integration approach I will introduce is not quite typical and it is going to require some context to understand. It will only require about 5 minutes of your time to review this, and for this time please set aside what you know or what you have heard about Systems Integration. This is meant to be read without any special knowledge about technology so you can just read and relax.

For your business infrastructure, there is a particular set of Integrations which are important. It begins with your actual business model, includes your marketing model and your content delivery systems as well as any systems which are part of the customer experience.

Systems Integration is not a new concept, but it headlines Big Business players now because the Modular Systems approach proved to be completely unsustainable.

Think on that for one sec. With the advent of the industrial revolution, Big Business has been built upon the model of specialization. Up until now it has developed the entire industry and the world economy as a by-product of industry. This depends on the concept (and the execution of the concept…) to mine the value from small, specialized units of labor whose consumption of resources are small, allowing the lion’s share of wealth to be retained by the upper levels of the entity. Think of the difference between the wages of a CEO vs. the entry level customer service rep. This is just an illustration- not a political statement- and it is absolutely reflective of both a model in concept and a structure that is enforced by policy.

How ironic then that the very foundations of this industry are proving unsustainable and (observing the chaotic force of globalization upon economies) threatening to topple this proud giant. In reality, this condition actually denotes a natural turn in the lifecycle of this 300+ year entity called Industry.

This is not to say that specialized systems are outmoded. However, they must be carefully crafted (read: completely custom) to extract their benefit, and the model which has been followed to date has mass-produced generic systems that seem attractive in price and have been the downfall of many businesses in America.

Holism for Business

Much like Holistic Health, the health of your business organization depends on the ability to communicate your brands, products and services to your clients. Would you agree with that?

In addition to communicating your Brands, delivery of your products and services to your clients are just as important as sales and marketing. Would you agree with that?

Based on this example, it is just as important what happens after a sale as the initial exchange, and if you have some type of marketing in place, there are also going to be many exchanges before a final sale occurs. During these exchanges the character of your business is exposed to the client. They get their impressions from the sum total of this experience- before, during and after a sale.

Whether there are follow-ups or opportunities to engage your clients further- all such things depend on your business model and your marketing model and how you have set yourself up for future engagement. What does a client expect at any point in the relationship you have developed? Would you say you develop relationships with your clients, or do you deal strictly in commodities? Even still, relationships between buyers and sellers exist. Would you agree with that?

In addition to the people in your organization, you have offices and office machines, you have websites and some type of advertising in the real world and online. Perhaps you even have some automation in place.

Whether or not you have any automation, you do have workflow. Even if your workflow is wholly unproductive it still counts as workflow. The way it actually works is the result of it, good or bad.

You and I care about such things in detail. We care about the experience of it all. We care what the employees think, and we care what the public thinks- particularly your clients.

Yet after all is said and done, the sum total of your business organization begins as a quantified and qualified map of your Business and Marketing plan. These are the fundamentals, and the way the fundamentals are executed describe your infrastructure. Whether formal, or informal, your infrastructure is more than just the office equipment you use.

Your infrastructure includes the humans in your organization who execute these plans and ideas. When it is time to review infrastructure, sentiment must be put aside to understand the net effect of your system as it operates in the real world. Much can be learned from a practical view of the day-to-day operations of your total system, when everything is viewed as a functional part of a holistic system.

This is the system I’m speaking of when I speak of Integrations. It is your total system because the health of your organization depends on the total system.

The million-dollar question…

And so the question- if you were to hold a meeting with me tomorrow, would you be able to provide a single document or set of documents that would allow me to review your operations and evaluate your business plan and marketing models? 95% of small business organizations cannot provide this, or even compile it within a week.

If this reflects the state of your organization, don’t feel bad- you are in great company and I won’t name names. If you held the thought that your organization is too big to render in a concise format, let me politely counter that by saying- really?

At this point, I highly recommend hiring me as a consultant to create the documents. If you continue reading you’ll understand that doing so carries the added benefit of my expertise in working with you to formalize your current models as well as devise new infrastructure on the same ticket.

Why? Why should a technologist be sought out to collaborate on something as fundamental as your overall Business and Marketing plan?

It’s the Holistic part of the Integration model I spoke of before. While I am selling you my services to do so, this is a sound recommendation based on what needs to happen for current businesses to succeed.

If you had an opportunity to step into a perfect world instead of slogging through years of wasted time, money and effort are you courageous enough to take that step?

I’ll tell you right now that most people want to have that kind of courage, and they see the writing on the wall. They know that we have entered a technological era and that even more changes are coming down the pike.

In business that kind of courage is something that often gets tempered in committee. So perhaps people really do have the courage… yet business is a results-oriented field, and it is the net result that counts.

Look at the results of the companies who failed to innovate during the years 2008-2012. How many Big Business firms began closing their doors, downsizing, and filing chapter 11. Blame the economy, blame Wall Street, blame it all. Yet in the end, the trend continues today. Who’s to blame now?

I’ll be brief and probably too direct, but the reality is that Innovation and Integration of technical systems must now occur or your business will weaken within the next 3 years and fail within 5. It is not the economy, and it is not the Pirates of Silicon Valley or Wall Street driving this decision.

Everything from the housing market to the price of bubble gum is experiencing a wave of globalization like a giant tidal wave that is still remaking the landscape.

This is when traditionally companies would either rise to Innovate or fold.

Yet Innovation can look a lot different than it used to in the 20th Century. It doesn’t always require changing your core business model or taking such risky leaps. The most significant challenge is finding a good technology partner, someone qualified to help lead your organization.

It does require some smart maneuvers in the realm of technology, and I am not impressed with most of the theory, including most of the innovations that are being demonstrated today. I take a serious difference with the way that the masses are pandered to by Media and Marketing.

Most businesses will not find good partners in the Technology world without kissing a lot of frogs.

This is why Systems Integration is where the next Trillion dollars of Big Business spending will happen during the next 10 years.

It will happen because it must, and it must happen for all sizes of businesses whether you are a solo-preneur, micro-producer, small business owner, agency director, or mid-sized business executive. It’s going to happen because it must.

Can I say that again in a different way?

In order to help strengthen your business and provide a solid infrastructure to build your next generation of wealth (and I mean generation as in 25 years worth…) I will need to have access to your organization as a first class citizen.

I can begin to deliver targeted results by revamping your existing infrastructure with recommendations for hardware and software systems integration, or new systems as needed. I will need to understand your specific business model, and how you expect your marketing model to work within it.

Your time is valuable so I’m going to let you have it right now: not everyone is going to work with my Consulting. That doesn’t mean my Consulting doesn’t work. People want to innovate while playing it safe and refusing to follow through on critical decisions, and I’ve had companies repeal my power to execute decisions.

When you look at my successes, they are all because I have held the reins and received follow through on the business end. It’s because I’m an innovator in my field. This is what I do, and it’s what I create. I can teach it as well, and I am here to benefit your business through the strength of our relationship. That’s the only way I can succeed and you know that.

If it helps to understand that I am not reactive to this time in history, nor am I a slave to my industry. I understand many nuances and solutions that have nothing to do with technology, and I can Consult in those areas equally as well.

The reason that Systems Integration is what is needed right now has to do with the way history is setting up to repeat itself. An exact copy of a specific period in tech history is afoot, except there is 10 times more money on the table.

So let me ask you- is that something you want a part of?

Business hasn’t really changed, and I doubt it ever will. But the action sure has changed, and those who don’t place themselves at the table where the action happens will be left behind. It’s really just that simple.

If you are someone who fits my client profile get signed up on this site and begin building the ultimate infrastructure with my Consulting- watch your entire office turn into production superstars right before your eyes.

Infrastructure FAQ’s

Q: How well does the Integrated System model scale for small business?
A: This must be carefully tended to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce needless complexity. There isn’t an out-of-the-box model that works everywhere, and so scale is a matter of the architect.