Business Development Strategy

Business Development Strategy

The Integrated Business and Marketing Model is the foundation of the success for the companies I work with.

This is pretty easy to manage as jargon. The reality is that many companies have survived a long time without a formal marketing plan, or even a formal set of documents they could hand over and say “here! This is our business model.”

The way I build systems is to match the needs of the business with the contemporary need to develop an online footprint that is sustainable. Beyond that it needs to grow and actually facilitate growth. It needs to scale either upward or outward. It needs to provide a stable platform for client-centric business growth.

It also needs to be self-promoting. This is increasingly important in a world where the Yellow Pages are obsolete.

Of course, I realized that back in the year 2000. By then I was 30 years old and I had been programming for 20.

When Traffic Geyser was still a top concept (read: ancient web history), I started Google Hacking. I never did anything illegal, but I did learn how to leverage the advertising budgets of national brands to promote local business.

Imagine being the short-stack player at the poker table and taking down the big dog. That was me. I didn’t advertise a lot, but I can still put anyone on top of Google in 2 months.

But being found in the top 10 of Google isn’t the e-ticket it used to be. It’s important, but it is just one strategy and when things are going right in marketing these numbers will come up.

Consulting for Business Development and Business Development Strategy today includes the need to understand both broadly and deeply modern business and the way to bridge resources between the real world and your online empire.

Don’t have one of those yet? Well, that is one reason to call me.