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Octopi Data Engine Underpinnings

Posted By on Jun 11, 2018

if you want a sneak preview demonstrating how a single software permits conflict-free processing of data hierarchies, parallel data, fragmented/autonomous data, and disconnected data nodes

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Major news for the OpenResty team led by agentzh + avid community of prescient (and pre-eminent) coders. For the first time in its history OpenResty now offers native 64-bit packages for Windows Server. In other major news for this upstart language/production environment, native support for UDP downstream modules as of today’s release date means that UDP applications for n-tier architectures are fully supported. This is major news...

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Disrupted industries litter the byways and backstreets of the Net. Having a few tumbleweeds rolling around would be an upshot for some internet properties, and the average industry has seen more than it’s fair share of “globalization.” Housing and Real Estate, Precious Metals, Manufacturing, Higher Education, and even Transportation have been simonized if not revolutionized by the single biggest threat to the status-quo that ever...

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Integrated vs. Modular

Posted By on May 4, 2015

The computer industry is currently overcoming one of the greatest divides it has ever realized. Big Business and Big Data in particular are leading the way on the most visible front, like re-animators who are busy patching and repairing their experimental frankentech to see if it can walk, talk, or even listen… But how does the current bridge between Modular Design and all it’s hard-won benefits apply to Integrated...

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My Passion for Technology

Posted By on Jun 16, 2014

If there is a consistent thread in the work I produce it’s about creating something truly special. I give each project something remarkable, whether that’s a uniquely fine-art approach, progressive design, enhanced systems architecture, or just an all out labor of love… It’s my personal mission toward excellence that drives painstaking hours, and pixel-perfect detail. This has also driven some innovative...

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