About You

About You

You are a net-savvy entrepreneur. Technology powers your business, or is a business-critical component.

You are creative, resourceful, with a solid vision and the means to execute. You care about your clients’ experience.

You are looking to integrate real-world products and services, real-time data, or you want to develop your own sustainable resources.

You are seeking automation for online business and sales/advertising/marketing.

Timeliness equates to relevance in your market, so your needs are anticipatory, and you need to deliver products and services on multiple platforms including mobile and real world end points.

You want your clients to experience seamless interactions and you understand how this translates into higher conversions, loyalty, and significant gains on the bottom line.

You are seeking custom workflows for your business or agency to maximize efficiency and streamline operations between production and service, deliverables and support, back-end and front-end.

You understand the impact integrated systems have on business operations, allowing responsiveness and fluid transitions between product lines in today’s globalized market.

You understand that wealth erupts from the center of emerging industries and that constant innovation (2 year cycles) allows you to remain near the source of wealth to sustain growth.

You are curious what motivates me because you know that I don’t work to rack up more billable hours. (Hint: I work on interesting projects, delicious projects, and projects that strike my passion points about creative business models, humanocentric services, regional economic development, pure science, applied science, and artificial intelligence.)

You want to work with me based on one or more of these 3 criterion:

  1. Our work together serves some good in the world, whether it’s revolutionary or practical innovation and change.
  2. You are passionately interested in your mission so that money is not the only motivator
  3. You are currently successful and ready for innovations to take you to the next level- whether that’s financially, organizationally, or technologically.

If any one of those statements sound like you, then you have arrived.

If this sounds like a fit to you then let’s collaborate together. Contact me.

If you don’t know whether it exists, or whether it is possible to create your dream technology- contact me. I’m that guy – we can discuss what it really looks like to make it happen.