About Bellasys

About Bellasys

With Bellasys serving your company it’s about saving time, money and stress. This is accomplished by hiring a professional applications developer who has been there, done that, with implementations from scratch.

“When you hire me you get a one-stop-shop for all your needs. No more wrangling six different developers and trying to get them all working together. I’m an executive consultant who can develop plans and if desired execute them as well. My expertise and applied experience spans the full scope of media, marketing and backend technology to deliver a total package- applications to infrastructure – someone who can make sure that it gets done right the first time leaving you in a place to maintain it easily and efficiently with a smaller administrative footprint.

“Relax knowing you’re in good hands when your project scope demands custom creations, new technology, or the upgrade and integration of new technology.

“I take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes while you focus on what you do best. The result: more productivity, fewer headaches on your part and happy clients all around- and that translates into more sales and more success.

“I started programming in 1981 working with game logic, and I developed a second leg in early multimedia art painting by mouse using dither boxes. I pioneered video multimedia in the early 90’s and I have a score of credits for my video textures and art throughout the entire west coast.  By the time the first dot-com boom hit, I carved out a prominent position in a well funded startup, and singlehandedly programmed the worlds largest e-commerce site Feb. 14th of 2000 placing 15,000 products online within 28 days. Since then I have focused 20 years of my official career developing commercial projects on macro and micro-economic scales, taking advantage of Google Hacking and Automated SEM since 2002. My experience has comprised equal parts Server Administration, Software Development, Web Development, SEO and Online Marketing including Social Media Marketing. I develop my own UI interfaces and start from the top-down based on the desired UX. Since 2005 I have integrated Mobile Architectures and Apps within greater infrastructure, and due to overwhelming demand I now specialize in adapting three flavors  of Integrated Systems for content marketing, membership sites, and data intensive sites using my own Data Engine which accepts WordPress or Keystone.js CMS as a publishing platform. The systems allow business to grow on sustainable and performant platforms while staying responsive in the rapidly changing marketplace experienced by today’s entrepreneur.”

Did you know?

Want to take a walk on the www side? Here’s more than you ever wanted to know about my history.

In 1988 I developed a custom workflow for Smith’s market in Southern California which allowed their advertising department to consolidate their coupon production using internal XML documents achieving 30% better efficiency and increased in-house production.

In 1991 I developed a automated inventory process which relied on electromagnetic sensor strips and a high frequency receiver working at 3 million parts per minute.

In 1992 I worked at Amazon.com.

In 1992 I developed a Video Effects suite and produced feature displays at Laser shows at Planetariums such as Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Ut. and Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA.

My video style launched the de-facto standard visual set at “underground” clubs on the west coast from Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the style has remained active and became featured in the 2006 MTV Music Awards, and most recently backed ColdPlay during the finale of The Voice (2015) as the feature visual set behind their mega-hit single performance of “The Adventure of a Lifetime.”

My first real tech gig happened during the dot com boom pre-2000. I began in tech sales and begged to be let into the back of the house production meeting with clients to develop preliminary web design layouts. Parallel to Web Development, Online Marketing received supreme attention in the startup I worked for. My company achieved marketing results that were largely regarded impossible, placing a new website in high page rank within 3 weeks.


I learned SEO and SEM spending up to 20 hours per week in overtime sessions with my company on top of 60-70 hour work-weeks as a web development consultant. I learned everything possible and learned how to write page content to achieve results in search engine position and explored technology to automatically generate search traffic such as Thunderstone. This was before Google was ever a thing.

Based on this experience I started building websites using an online marketing focus so that SEO was part of the foundation and the infrastructure of the sites I delivered. I began Google-hacking in 2001 and created my own paperless-office/Automated SEO tool in 2002. This tool leveraged the advertising budgets of national corporations on behalf of small business owners, and the only way to properly explain it is to say that it’s like the short-stack at the poker table taking down the big guy, guaranteed, every time.

On Feb 14th, 2000 the world’s largest e-commerce site featuring over 15,000 products was launched using software I created which extended my company’s site-builder. Together with 30 hours help from a data entry technician I produced the entire project in 28 days including the software I wrote, tested and deployed to become top in the world.

Three weeks later some other company in California overtook my position re-released an e-commerce site originally slated with 12,000 products to contain 18,000 products to beat my record. Their project required 4 people working full-time for 3 months to complete, including 2 programmers, a graphic artist and a content specialist.

Understanding SEO, SEM and now SMO and SMM… It’s a constantly changing field- and I’ve had to find the new secret sauce every 3 or 4 years… For example in 2010 a Marketing Revolution happened and suddenly top search engine positions could be overtaken by the strategic use of Video and Video Metadata.

Today, running a complete Mobile-enabled site is paramount to achieving top search engine results, although this is a layer of technology that must be applied along with other basic (and advanced) SEO practices to actually get results. Many companies speak the jargon but they may not deliver. The Art of Online Marketing and actual bottom line results can happen only after the basic science of modern searchability and sociability has been fulfilled, and the most important aspect of it all is anything but a game. Many companies seem to forget that at the upper echelon of search Google employs actual humans to rate and grade sites to decide who will achieve top positions based on real human criteria. My clients typically need more than just passing Google’s algorithms to succeed, and that is where many companies charging $2k per month fall far short of the mark.

My biggest pet-peeve today? The only thing more painful than the next $50-$100 web marketing “must have” product is seeing companies selling SEO like it’s the year 2000 and charging $1,500 – $2,000 a month to do it. How disgusting! Yes they get some results for some clients but that’s like selling premium seats for standing room only at a rock concert. Search Engine Rank and even Google PR is important, but today it’s only an indicator of success, and it is not a “Solution.” If you are spending more than 10% of your “marketing budget” on SEO it’s time to schedule consulting time to understand modern marketing and develop strategies that are effective today.

In spite of many changes in the industry, and the four-fold increase in technology platforms, my desire to succeed and for my clients to succeed has never changed- I just keep bringing new layers into the fold.

For example, I have brought my love for digital artwork and graphics to include Maya 3-D Animation, creating delicious 3-D graphics which will become all the rage in 2017. With the advent of WordPress I have added a platform for simplified web content publishing to my Integrated Data Engine and Automated Google Hacking Engine. Now I offer web publishing on top of an Enterprise Class system (produced at scale) for the modern entrepreneur…

Finally now, getting current, we are all on the brink of experiencing a completely new infrastructure… so I’ve been developing behind the scenes in advance of 2017. These system components I’m working on address the next layer of radical changes and software integrations that some corporations are already aware of, but most savvy business people won’t even hear about until 2020.

This is a non-stop ride, but someone has to make a stand for small business, because a lot of big things happen in the hands of small business players.

Maintaining my edge has been about adding the next level, compared with others who are still figuring all of this out from the ground up.

I guess that doesn’t exactly make me special- anyone who has invested years in their trade gets to claim the benefits of expertise. However, with my industry in particular specialization is almost a sheer necessity because the demands on each discipline are deep. Because of that, I have worked overtime constantly pushing my scope and capabilities.

I have executed successful strategies starting from scratch attending to every detail of production from content development, to tech infrastructure, to marketing and seamless integration with real-world services. Very few professionals have spanned the time I have and have developed such a broad palette of strokes with practical working credentials.