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MiCASA™ Email Service Ends Spam Forever

Posted by on Aug 30, 2018 in Vision

SPAM is junkmail, but it is so much more than a nuisance. Reports show that over 50% of SPAM targets victims with Phishing attacks of some kind, using seemingly innocuous Email as clickbait or to steal personal information. With more and more desperate measures being taken by criminal organizations, there is also an increase in nuisance type SPAM. It can be difficult for the average person to appreciate the degree to which SPAM creates problems on a day to day basis, particularly when compared to the real threat of Identity Theft or other Credit Card fraud, however the threat is very real. The majority of all Phishing attacks and SPAM/Scam mail are not directly criminal, meaning that they merely facilitate aggressive advertising, nuisance advertising (failing to honor unsubscribes), or build Identity Theft profiles using your Personal Information- all of which can be sold. Remember, other than the rare cases of Industrial Espionage or targeted attacks directed toward you personally, it’s simply a numbers game driven by monetary reward. Whether or not you feel savvy enough to avoid falling prey to some Email scam, there are so many different types of scams that you will become a Phishing victim sometime in your life, even if you are very tech savvy. Imagining a future in which this doesn’t happen is possible, but it is absolutely unlikely unless significant changes happen. Ending Spam Forever? The MiCASA™ Public Trust (MPT) outlines a new platform that promises to end SPAM Email forever. The platform is not just about technology. It is technology serving a very real human concern about security and ethics. It stands to create a commercial zone whose security underpinnings maintain ethical communications and mutual respect. Fortunately, the technology to do this has already been imagined, it has already been built, and the only people who need to do things differently are you, the public. This isn’t about convincing lawmakers or lobbying Big Tech to change a thing. Your participation makes all the difference in the world, and the significance only grows as certain milestones are achieved. “Who says that political activism ended with the Boomers? When collectively enough people have joined the MiCASA Public Trust, the tides will turn as policy makers and the tech world follow suit…” Sound lofty? This is about a Social System rather than Software. True enough, advanced technology fuels it all, but this is a technology-forward application whose aimed at the social good. It remains inclusive to all who would enter- private individuals as well as small business, non-profits and entrepreneurs- all except the Spammers, of course. Commerce, Privacy and Trust [Note: Please follow along this mini-discussion to collect talking points and criterion] The issue preventing sufficient regulation of Email to destroy bad SPAM are the topics of Commercial Interest, Privacy, and Trust. In reality nothing will slip by the demands of commercial interest. Generally speaking, laws...

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