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OpenResty (Nginx + Lua) Makes History: Now Supports Windows Server

Posted by on May 17, 2018 in News, Technologies

Major news for the OpenResty team led by agentzh + avid community of prescient (and pre-eminent) coders. For the first time in its history OpenResty now offers native 64-bit packages for Windows Server. In other major news for this upstart language/production environment, native support for UDP downstream modules as of today’s release date means that UDP applications for n-tier architectures are fully supported. This is major news from my favorite DevOps group, the OpenResty team. What does this news mean for Bellasys group and in particular the Octopi Integrated Data Engine and MiCASA Identity software in particular? MiCASA exists as (up to) cryptographically secure Identity software which handles Authentication across multiple networks, and ad-hoc networks- therefore it securely authenticates to support Networking-On-The-Fly. Two specific classes of applications that benefit from this are native Cross-Site-Data-Sharing (without CORS, or AJAX!) and Resource sharing particularly where 3rd party services or web services are involved. While this is not supposed to be origin-spoofing (and in fact the Authentication layer model in MiCASA presupposes all Data Layer transactions for truly secure infrastructure), think of it as (granular) policy supported hacking to re-originate data, and reapportion resources, OTF of course. If you are too young to have heard of On The Fly or to be impressed by it, this is like JIT for front-end services and single request http resolution of complex and potentially multi-homed operations. One example of Networking on the fly is frequently experienced in P2P networks; however the gist there is pooling resources aimed at increases in bandwidth and static file resources; here instead pre-arranged agreements exist to support entire Application Architectures acting on real-time data all while observing local and global policy-based permissions. Concretizing this in one go: how about an affiliate site selling a product using the main site’s web-commerce solution all while retaining local policy definitions (as well as satisfying the data-origin policy of the main site), retaining local UX, and for the biggest AND – doing this without that extra...

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