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Ownership is Obsolete in the Digital Millennium

Posted by on Apr 28, 2018 in Technologies, Vision

Challenging the idea of Ownership is never a subtle exploration. Ownership is a concept woven into the fundamental socio-economic fabric of the entire modern world. Probing the divide between Subject and Object, between Person and Personal Property, between the rights of Corporeal Entities acting as Individuals (cf. Corporations, Governments) and the Sovereign rights of the Individual (cf. Human Rights), Ownership has become both an unwitting target as well as the subject of serious reconstruction intended by multiple “actors” or actionable principles whose effects have increased in both intensity and frequency since the turn of the Millennium. There are many references to suit the radical if not revolutionary terra-forming that has occurred owing to the existence of the Internet itself, first as an International Superhighway connecting the tangible and virtual worlds in “cyberspace”, second as a paradigm of commerce that represents the earliest stages of a unified Global Economy, and third as a quantum-state-machine to offer at once the Road and the Vehicle for the next stage in the Evolution of Humankind. The potential of Social Evolution is already being realized given the actors and their undeniable actions as represented on the ‘Net.  But the connections between these aren’t always obvious, and their challenge to the underpinnings of Ownership seems like an omnidirectional fog rather than a singular weather event. Obsolete or Relevant in Pure Terms? The effect of globalization began long before the Internet ever existed, but its effects were much like the Interstate Highways built in America during the 1950’s and 60’s, have redistributed the life and times of business yet again; nations as states as counties as cities as corporations as townships as individuals – If Globalization is the actual force at work, and the field of effect is Global Economy, it must be difficult for teams which assume that theirs is limited to Nations, States, Counties, Cities… many players are simply not aware of the rules of the game, and one might be led to conclude that there simply aren’t any. Having a few tumbleweeds rolling around would be an upshot for some internet properties, and the average industry has seen more than it’s fair share of “globalization.” Housing and Real Estate, Precious Metals, Manufacturing, Higher Education, and even Transportation have been simonized if not revolutionized by the single biggest threat to the status-quo that ever existed. Now that the IoT looms large the Net is gaining extensions into the real world as never before.  It is no longer just the real world being copied into the virtual landscape, the shift in leverage here occurs as the boundary between virtual and real dissolves and the Net itself is claiming new land. Terra Firma. Little surprise, then, technologiess such as Blockchain are making bold new claims on the land rush that is the new gold rush that is the “new” internet, and these claims are as big as...

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