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My Passion for Technology

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If there is a consistent thread in the work I produce it’s about creating something truly special. I give each project something remarkable, whether that’s a uniquely fine-art approach, progressive design, enhanced systems architecture, or just an all out labor of love… It’s my personal mission toward excellence that drives painstaking hours, and pixel-perfect detail. This has also driven some innovative software into existence. I’d like to think that makes me special, but really it just drives me crazy (laughs). But I don’t really think I’ve peaked yet. I continue to develop software systems looking for the right blend of systems architecture, software, and economics. I am looking for the opportunity to create a game-changer in the business world, and I’m too ambitious to stop until I get there. I enjoy the process of bringing projects from concept to creation and when I have been given lead status, I make sure it gets done right. What is doing it “right?” I suppose that’s when people using the site feel the intelligence of the system without feeling gimmicked, the use of it is easy and flows well, and it means that people who get into the back end of the site say “dang, that’s cool!” That might sound a little vague, but there are several other sites speaking about the specific direction I take with technology. The bottom line is that I’m an elitist and yet a humanist when it comes to software and systems, and that goes back to my beginnings. I started computing and writing code to achieve expressions that weren’t otherwise possible by any machine or software in existence. AI (artificial intelligence) is terrifically interesting to me, and it has been since I was really young and programming just clicked with me. I have a special love for analog systems as well. To me, they’re the perfect complement to digital. Together with a relentless passion for digital artwork and the multimedia work I did in college, this made a rare combination of skills as I grew professionally and it helped me continue working through the dot com bust of 2000. To place things in perspective, I started programming in 1980 at a very young age. It’s the creative process that thrills me- making something out of almost nothing. Sometimes I don’t know if what I’m attempting is possible, although I have succeeded at times simply because I didn’t think my goal was impossible. I always look for the human value in a project and I’m serious about finding what that meaning is and bringing it to the forefront. I have learned to temper the passion for pure creation with business economics to produce a “total system” that makes complete sense while being truly excellent, and- I hope- inspirational. I think our humanity needs to revel a little in itself, and remember that we can be a little impressed with ourselves and still serve others really, really well. This is what I really believe...

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